How to speak fairy

When you’re travelling abroad, it helps to speak a bit of the language. Neverland is no exception. While English acts as a lingua franca for Lost Boy and Pirate alike, Neverland is also home to a fairy population, who communicate largely in their own language.

So, for anyone taking a trip to Neverland this winter, we’ve enlisted native fairy speaker and friend of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, to translate a few key phrases.


Saikat Ahamed (Tinker Bell) and the company in rehearsal forPeter Pan. Photo by Steve Tanner.

Hello Ayho

Nice to meet you Bonna Gweld Ooo.

How are you? Suite ar Ooo?

I would like to go to Neverland Nieberlung, a wuv Ooo.

Goodbye. Toodleplop.

Can I have? Nak a Mee?

What time is it? Nak a Mee Ticky

Which way is it to the train station? Werra di chuffa?

Have some fairy dust. Gun add fiery flith?

How do I get to the beach? Werra di pebs?

My, what big wings you’ve got. Boom Chunka flitters, glir bud.

We are the Lost Boys, we fell out of our prams.
Noos eem Losty buds, Eem buggy plunja. Ahhhhhh!

I’m looking for my shadow. Eeweareeroo Chad O?

Second to the right and straight on till morning.
Dow inta Dexy un plumbla e upsun.

One fish finger sandwich with custard please.
Unca Digi sploshbot brotmake matt yella, sylv.

Watch out! Captain Hook! Peepers! Coplee Hook!

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