EXCLUSIVE Doctor Who behind-the-scenes clip turns the spotlight on new companion

How tough is it to find the right “companion” to travel alongside the titular Time Lord in Doctor Who? “Casting a new companion is every bit as difficult as casting a new Doctor,” says the show’s executive producer Steven Moffat in a new behind-the-scenes clip. “The role of companion is as central as the role of the Doctor.”

The footage of Moffat comes from a never-before-seen bonus feature, “Becoming the Companion,” which Fathom Events and BBC America are screening in theaters alongside the season premiere of Doctor Who on April 17 and 19. In addition to Moffat, “Becoming the Companion” features contributions from current Who star Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie, the actress who actually is becoming the companion of Capaldi’s Time Lord this season. The premiere episode of Doctor Who spinoff show Class will also screen on the two nights.

Tickets for the Doctor Who season 10 premiere screenings are on sale now at the official Fathom Events website.

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