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The Big Lebowski Returning to Theaters Nationwide Next Month
'The Room' Heading Into Movie Theaters Nationwide For One Night Only
Prepare Your Spoons: The Room Is Getting a Wide Theatrical Release
Cult classic The Room is finally getting a wide theatrical release
Steve Martin had one demand playing sadistic 'Little Shop of Horrors' dentist: No Fonzie
Happy Halloween: Revisiting ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

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Battle the Beast as RiffTrax Brings ‘Krull’ to U.S. Cinemas for Two Nights This August

June 21, 2018

The Summer’s Most Hilarious, One-of-a-Kind Comedy Event ‘OUT on Stage’ Will Be Coming Out in Movie Theaters Nationwide for One Night on July 24

June 18, 2018

RiffTrax Makes Sci-Fi Sushi Out of ‘Space Mutiny’ in Movie Theaters Nationwide For Two Nights This June

March 26, 2018

Tommy Wiseau’s Infamous Indie ‘The Room’ Returns to U.S. Cinemas for One-Night Event on January 10

December 19, 2017

‘RiffTrax to Bring a Comedic Take on Romero’s Classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Back to Cinemas Nationwide October 25 Only

September 20, 2017

It’s Summertime Madness at ‘RiffTrax Live: Summer Shorts Beach Party!’ With RiffTrax, MST3K Alumni and More Coming to Movie Theaters This June

April 10, 2017