Double Indemnity

In Theaters Jul 19 - Jul 20

Billy Wilderâ??s Classic Film Noir

Double Indemnity

Returns to the Big Screen

Billy Wilderâ??s classic Hollywood crime drama \\\"Double Indemnity\\\" (1944), starring Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck comes to cinemas nationwide.
Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment are partnering again to bring Billy Wilderâ??s classic Hollywood crime drama Double Indemnity (1944), starring Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck, to cinemas nationwide on Sunday, July 19 and Monday, July 20. In 1938, Walter Neff, an experienced salesman of the Pacific All Risk Insurance Co., meets the seductive wife of one of his clients, Phyllis Dietrichson, and they have an affair. Phyllis proposes to kill her husband to receive the proceeds of an accident insurance policy and Walter devises a scheme to receive twice the amount based on a double indemnity clause. When Mr. Dietrichson is found dead on a train-track, the police accept the determination of accidental death. However, the insurance analyst and Walter's best friend Barton Keyes does not buy the story and suspects that Phyllis has murdered her husband with the help of another man. © 2015 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.
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Double Indemnity

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