The Matter of Life
The Matter of Life

In Theaters May 17

The Matter of Life

120 Minutes

We stand at a critical point where the legality of abortion is being challenged in the highest courts. More than ever, it is important for everyone to know where they stand on abortion and why. This award-winning documentary, The Matter of Life , brings clarity and changes hearts and minds.

Warning: This content may not be suitable for all audiences. 

We stand at a critical point in history where the legality of abortion is being challenged in the highest courts. More than ever, it is important for everyone to know where they stand on abortion and why.

The award-winning documentary The Matter of Life compels us to understand the pro-life case and form our own individual beliefs based on more than what is said in the media. In the film, we hear from the experts and learn about the history, philosophy, morality, and impact of abortion. 

When considering the ramifications of abortion in our nation, we must remember that real people are affected. Featuring powerful stories from women, former abortion clinic workers, historians, religious workers, pro-life atheists, and many more, The Matter of Life stresses entering this conversation with understanding, love, and support. Doing so is critical to saving the lives of the unborn and to care for the women who carry them.

Warning: This content may not be suitable for all audiences.

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The Matter of Life

Run Time: 2 hours

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I loved it! Watching as a pro-life Catholic, I appreciated the beautiful film footage and the honest explanation of what an unborn child is, what abortion does, and why that matters. As the movie’s website explains, The Matter of Life clarifies the most contentious issue of our day. So, I found myself wishing that friends who identify as ‘pro-choice’ and those who embrace abortion activism will see the film. The National Catholic Register