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Route 60: The Biblical Highway

Route 60: The Biblical Highway

Carving through the heart of the Promised Land is the Biblical spine of Israel, sometimes referred to as the “Path of the Patriarchs” and officially designated as “Route 60.” A highway of deep historical significance while often the scene of unrest and violence, this 146 mile road of asphalt and concrete begins in Nazareth, Israel’s largest Arab city, and ends in Beersheba, one of Israel’s hi-tech centers. Running North to South, Route 60 connects ancient Israel with modern Israel, Jews and Christians with Muslims, and Israelis with Palestinians. This trek is far more than a two-lane highway; It is a historic, sacred link to the roots of Judaism and Christianity and the stories of the Old and New Testaments. Follow world-changing diplomats David Friedman and Mike Pompeo as they venture down this sacred road, treading the very ground Abraham, Jacob, King David, and Jesus once walked. Discover the history, witness the healing, and realize the hope along Route 60, the Biblical Highway.
Route 60: The Biblical Highway

Route 60: The Biblical Highway

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“Visually stunning and compelling storytelling.”

Mike Huckabee
Author, TV Host & Former Governor

“With so much hostility directed toward judea and samaria, route 60 could not have come at a more significant time. Ambassador friedman and secretary pompeo do an incredible job explaining the biblical and strategic importance of the cities along israel’s biblical highway. Anyone who doesn’t understand the important difference between the “west bank” and “judea and samaria” needs to watch route 60.”

Rabbi Tuly Weisz
Founder of Israel 365 & Editor of “The Israel Bible”

“I recommend every pastor to see this great movie and share it with their church! I give it a five star rating!”

Paul Pickern
Founder and Executive Director 
of All Pro Pastors International

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