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Mother Teresa & Me

Mother Teresa & Me

Run Time: 2 hours 25 minutes

Mother Teresa and Me is an award-winning feature film depicting the amazing story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. We discover her through the eyes of Kavita, a young English woman who’s been abandoned by her boyfriend after she’s found to be pregnant. Kavita journeys to Calcutta to escape her pain and soon discovers that even holy people like Mother Teresa have to face life’s challenges and, in fact, struggle through years of spiritual crisis known as the “dark night of the soul”. Inspired by Mother Teresa’s example of perseverance and compassionate love, Kavita rediscovers hope and purpose. A rare, powerfully acted, inspirational film that shows how we overcome our troubles by helping others with theirs. 

Mother Teresa & Me

Mother Teresa & Me

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“One of the best saint movies I’ve seen in a long time. The story was very engaging on many levels. The acting, the script, the production, and the music were all superb. I loved how the filmmakers intertwined a contemporary and relevant story with the life story of Mother Teresa in Kolkata. It was very well done and I expect it to be very well received by global audiences.”

Derry Connolly
President, JPCatholic University

“It was AMAZING, no kidding! What a story. Amazing how Kavita’s life merges with Mother Teresa’s ministry and her work in Calcutta. Truly inspiring and a powerful reminder of how the hand of God weaves together the tapestry that is our life. No accidents, no mistakes, just a journey where we get to see God’s hand reveal His divine guidance and leading if we would just be open to follow His path to life.”

Greg Johnson
Co-Founder/Director, Standing Together

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