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Forty-Seven Days with Jesus

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus

FORTY-SEVEN DAYS WITH JESUS is a heartwarming Easter tale centered on the Burdon family, led by Joseph and Juliana (Yoshi Barrigas and Catherine Lidstone from THE CHOSEN).

When the Burdons attend a reunion at Poppa and Nonna’s ranch, they realize just how disconnected their family has become. Facing marital hiccups, teenaged angst and Poppa’s health hurdles, the adults decide to share Poppa’s enchanting ‘Forty-Seven Days’ story with the kids, transporting us back in time to see the miracles of Jesus’ final 47 days on Earth.

When an unexpected business opportunity places Joseph at a crossroads, his commitment to his family is tested. Can the Burdons pull together in the face of uncertainty? With Poppa’s tale as their guide, they embark on a journey towards unity and rediscover the true essence of walking in faith.

Featuring unforgettable original music, FORTY-SEVEN DAYS WITH JESUS contains a powerful portrayal of Jesus’ life that reminds us all of The Gospel’s enduring impact.

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus

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“A good message about sharing the greatest story ever told with family and spending time with the true treasure in life.”

Joyce Swingle, Pastor – Westchester Chapel, New York, NY

“A good film portraying the Jesus Story in another rather unconventional manner. The dual time-line approach (modern day vs Jesus’ day) was creative and seemed to work well.”

Rev. Don Smith Jr, Pastor – New Opportunity Baptist, Tulsa, OK