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Israel to Hollywood: A Conversation with Golda Director Guy Nattiv

Written by Fathom Events on Jul 17, 2023 3:17 PM

Guy Nattiv, the Academy Award® winning filmmaker from Israel, is renowned for his ability to capture the very essence of the human condition in his work. From his debut short film, Mabul (2002), to his critically acclaimed masterpiece Skin (2019), Nattiv has consistently mesmerized audiences with his extraordinary storytelling. With his innovative approach, this visionary director has continuously pushed the boundaries of filmmaking, providing unique and thought-provoking perspectives into the lives of his characters. 

Blog - Golda director Guy Nattiv with Helen Mirren

Born amidst the chaos of the Yom Kippur War, Guy is no stranger to the larger-than-life Iron Lady of Israel, Golda Meir. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he recalled his mother running “to the bomb shelter with me as a baby. My father went into war. I grew up with this war story, with Golda as an icon in my life” [1]. His very existence was intertwined with the legend of Golda, and he has poured this profound connection into his filmmaking, crafting a masterpiece that shines a light on the untold trials and tribulations faced by this remarkable individual during a pivotal chapter in Israel’s history. 

In an exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of talking with the talented director behind the highly anticipated, Golda. Discover the director’s inspiration behind this captivating movie, the remarkable experience of working with the iconic Helen Mirren in her role as Golda Meir, and the profound message he hopes audiences will take away from this unforgettable film. 

1. Why did you want to make this movie? 

“I always felt Golda was a misunderstood character in history. Some people see her as a hero and others as a villain. I wasn’t interested in taking a side in this debate, but exploring what she might have experienced during the most pressurized 19 days of her life.” 

2. Why are these 19 days critical to Golda’s legacy? 

“Golda’s legacy was shaped by decisions made in these 19 days, not the decades of political life before it. This was the Vietnam of Israel, and many people blame the loss of so many lives on her. Although she was exonerated by the Agranat Commission, she resigned because of this war, ultimately taking the blame on the weight of her own shoulders.” 

Blog - Golda hero - Helen Mirren

3. What was it like working with Helen Mirren? 

“Beyond my wildest dream. There is a reason everyone in our business wants to work with her, and it is not only because she is one of the greatest actors of all time. She is a mensch, comes to work on time, is a team player, never complains, is game to pivot and try new ideas on a dime, and makes the whole company want to up their craft to her level.” 

4. What do you want American, global, or female audiences to take away from this film? 

“Golda was a total pioneer. She shattered all the glass ceilings and walls put in front of her. Israel, in particular, was and still is a macho country, and she was able to prove herself beyond such a misogynistic culture. She made many mistakes and her ideologies were controversial, but she was fearless. There is a reason that icons like President Biden and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy cite her as a role model.” 

Uncovering the Legacy 

With his remarkable talent and artistic vision, Guy Nattiv has brilliantly breathed life into Golda Meir’s extraordinary journey, providing a captivating insight into the challenges and hardships she faced during this period. Immerse yourself in her incredible story when FATHOM FIRST: GOLDA comes to theaters nationwide August 23rd, two days before the wide release – featuring an exclusive Q&A with Guy and Helen Mirren. 

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