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Unveiling the Empowering Message Behind Gloria Gaynor’s Iconic Song, ‘I Will Survive’  

Written by Fathom Events on Jan 26, 2024 9:57 AM

I Will Survive

Without faith, inspiration, and encouragement, Gloria Gaynor’s multiple platinum song, “I Will Survive,” is little more than an empty catch phrase. Music, especially songs that come around once in a generation, tap into the human spirit. This type of music allows us to connect with the musician and find our own meaning in the lyrics.

Gloria Gaynor has not only inspired millions across five decades with her powerful song but rediscovered the meaning behind the lyrics for herself after hitting rock bottom at age 65. This reinvention phase planted a seed in her life, and the Queen of Disco is “finally at a place of joy and self-fulfillment, and ready to share [her] secret to not only “surviving but thriving” with the world” [1].  

With her new film Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive coming to theaters nationwide, we wanted to highlight some inspiring messages Gloria shared with us about love, friendship, faith, responsibility, and more. With the hopes that you too will believe it’s never too late to transform dreams into reality.  

The Anthem For Empowerment  

  • Love: To Love is to do something at one’s own expense for the benefit of someone else. This is how we can love our neighbor, this is how we can love everyone.
  • Friendship: “A true friend is one who knows all your faults and loves you anyway.
  • Faith: “A person’s life consists of his faith, who he is, what he stands for, how he uses his gifts, talents, and abilities, his quality relationships, and what he is willing to live or die for.
  • Life Lessons: “Once time is lost, it is lost. You will never find time for what is important to you. You have to make time for it.
  • Emotions: “Whatever you experience is colored by the condition of your heart. if you let the Lord condition your heart, you will have pure perceptions of your experiences.
  • Responsibility: “Regardless of how many birthdays you have had, maturity grows out of the lessons you have managed to learn and principles you have determined to live by, because of the experiences you have had.

A Magnificent Second Act

Gloria Gaynor’s magnificent second act is one we can all relate to. Her anthem of empowerment, much like her film, encourages us to survive and thrive in our own life.  

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