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Fathom’s Big Screen Classics 2024 Lineup

Written by Fathom Events on Dec 19, 2023 3:21 PM

Fathom’s Big Screen Classics 2024

Cinema has made remarkable progress since the Lumière Brothers introduced the world to motion pictures in 1895. The magic of the movies was born in the silent era, and that spirit blossomed and evolved over the decades, creating the contemporary landscape we see today. The film industry has grown tremendously since those early days, and with the advances in technology and the rise of the digital age, it might be easy to write off the classics.

However, the legacy and demand for the classics is growing, with moviegoers flocking back to the theaters to see these iconic films. This sentiment can be seen across the entire spectrum of cinema, and our Big Screen Classics Series brings landmark anniversaries and unique films back to the big screen every year.  As a cherry on top, renowned film historian and critic Leonard Maltin provides priceless insight into each film, shedding light on their enduring legacies.

To kick off Fathom’s Big Screen Classics 2024 series, we are diving into each of the 12 films spanning 60 years of cinema.   

The Magic of the Classics

Classic cinema will always be an essential part of the moviegoing experience. There is something about rediscovering an old film you fell in love with or introducing the magic to someone else. Join us in theaters nationwide for this year’s Fathom’s Big Screen Classics.   

‘Wizard of Oz,’ ‘Rear Window,’ ‘Gone With the Wind,’ ‘Blazing Saddles’ on Big Screen Classics 2024 Lineup (Exclusive)— The Hollywood Reporter.

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