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10 Questions with Miss Piggy about The Muppet Movie 

Written by Fathom Events on May 10, 2024 11:54 AM

Lights, Camera, Miss Piggy! 

It’s not every day you get to interview a fashionista, A-list celebrity, and bona fide DIVA like Miss Piggy. Her glamorous energy and stylistic glory has charmed audiences for decades, making her a hero to many. With The Muppet Movie returning to theaters nationwide for its 45th anniversary, we sat down with the larger-than-life force of nature to ask her a few questions about the film.

10 Questions with Miss Piggy about The Muppet Movie 

1. What was it like making your first feature film?  

“Moi has always been destined for the silver screen! The music, the costumes, the celebrities… I was really in my element!”

2. Which costume from The Muppet Movie was your favorite? 

“It would be simply impossible for moi to choose a favorite. So many iconic looks. It really is a testament to my versatility.”

3. Do you have a favorite song from the film?  

“My divine solo number ‘Never Before, Never Again.’ Isn’t it everyone’s favorite? I mean, c’mon, there aren’t THAT many songs about rainbows.”

4. Besides yourself, who was the best dressed on set? 

“Is anyone else even in the running? If vous ask moi, I was not only Best Dressed, but Second Best Dressed, Third Best Dressed, and so on. Not that I have any trophies to prove it – and believe moi, I asked!” 

5. What is your favorite scene from The Muppet Movie? 

“Any of the ones moi is in, really.” 

6. Any advice for entertainers hoping to break into show business and sign their own Standard Rich and Famous contract?  

“Have your people read the fine print and make sure that vous have a fabulous pen to sign with.” 

7. Fozzie’s favorite ice cream flavor is honey. Kermit’s is dragonfly ripple. What kind of ice cream would you be ordering at the Bogen County Fair?  

“Anything chocolate, of course. With lots of edible glitter!” 

8. Did you get nervous doing your own stunts?  

“Moi? Nervous? Never! I am a true professional! And everyone knows that the award nomination committees favor actors who do their own stunt work.” 

9. If life’s like a movie, what endings are you writing for yourself?  

“That the award nomination committees give me lots of golden statues and that the ice cream has lots of edible glitter.” 

10. What do you say to those members in the audience who are about to see The Muppet Movie for the first time?  

“The first time?! What took you so long?! Well, at least you get to see this film – and moi! – on the big screen. Feel free to send your praise and accolades to me @realmisspiggy after the film!” 

Miss Piggy is just as excited as we are to see her on the silver screen this summer. 

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