1. (Q) What is Fathom Events?
1. (A) Fathom Events is the nation’s leading provider of groundbreaking special events in movie theaters nationwide.  The majority of Fathom events are shown in cinemas for only one night, although some include limited-run encores and second showings shown after the initial premiere event. 

Fathom events may be broadcast live to cinemas around the country or pre-recorded and distributed across the cinema broadcast network.  
Fathom Events offers a wide variety of entertainment and genres including: Concerts, Opera, Original Programs, Broadway Productions, Premieres, and Sports.

2. (Q) Who is Fathom Events and how does it work?
2. (A) Fathom Events is the consumer entertainment division of NCM Media Networks, a leading integrated media company reaching U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology.  The NCM Cinema Network and NCM Fathom Events present cinema advertising and events across the nation’s largest digital in-theater network, comprised of theaters owned by AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) and other leading regional theater circuits.

Currently, Fathom Events has access to more than 17,000 screens and over 700 live broadcast theaters in the top 49 markets in the U.S. Fathom Events beams live, beyond high-definition events and pre-recorded events via satellite to audiences in movie theaters via NCM Media Networks’ cinema broadcast network.

3. (Q) Are Fathom events like regular movies?
3. (A) No. Fathom Events turns movie theaters into event venues.  The majority of Fathom events are shown in cinemas for only one night, although some include limited-run encores and second showings shown after the initial premiere event. Each and every event features exclusive content that can’t be seen anywhere else. A Fathom event is truly an original event.

Ticketing for Fathom events is available here on this website and at participating movie theater box offices. We encourage advanced ticket purchases so admission can be guaranteed. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and can be very limited for these exclusive events.

Since Fathom Events aren't movies, feel free to act as you would at any special event–applaud, dance, and sing!

4. (Q) What types of events does Fathom Events offer?
4. (A) Fathom events span the range of entertainment genres and offers entertainment choices for all age groups and interests. These include: Concerts, Opera, Broadway Productions, Original Programs, Premieres, and Sporting events.

5. (Q) What are the benefits of attending a Fathom event?
5. (A) Some of the many benefits of attending a Fathom event are:

  • Exclusive entertainment not found anywhere else, featuring behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and other unique offerings
  • A great alternative to attending live events without the hassles of expensive tickets, parking and obstructed views
  • Every seat feels like a front-row seat
  • Cinema surround sound and a high-definition picture in the nation’s leading movie theater chains
  • Convenient locations and parking
  • A safe, friendly environment
  • Excellent concessions
  • Easy ticketing options–via this website or at participating movie theater box offices

6. (Q) How do I find Fathom events near me?
6. (A) Search “Upcoming Events,” select the event you want to attend, enter your zip code to locate a participating theater near you and click the “Buy Tickets” button.

7. (Q) Why isn't the event happening near me? There is a movie theater right down the street!
7. (A) Our theater circuit owners and affiliates select the specific theaters they want to include for each Fathom event.  They must balance the commitments they have with Hollywood studios to show first-run movies with the local market demand for each Fathom event. We would love to have our events in all theaters, but this isn't always possible.

Also, not every movie theater has the receiver technology required to show all of our events. Some theaters can only show pre-recorded events, while others can show live HD events and pre-recorded events.

8. (Q) How can I get directions to the participating theater I want to attend?
8. (A) Once you select the event you want to attend and click “Buy Tickets,” you will be taken to the “Theater Locations” page. Each participating theater will have a “Get Directions” link that will show you how to get there.

9. (Q) What's the difference between a 'Series' and an 'Event'?
9. (A) An event takes place at a select list of participating theaters, usually for one day or for a limited-run of 2-3 days. A series is a collection of individual events that can span longer than a week or two, often for a large part of the year. For example, the Metropolitan Opera HD Live series is playing in individual markets throughout the year at a select list of participating theaters. Each Met performance represents an event within the series.

10. (Q) How do I submit a comment about an Upcoming or Past event?
10. (A) You can submit comments on the individual event pages on our website or you can connect directly to our Facebook and Twitter pages and comment there. Check us out on YouTube, too.

11. (Q) How do I send Fathom event information to friends?
11. (A) Select the event you want to send by going to “Upcoming Events” or “Past Events.” Look for the “Share” feature in the event description. Your email is used on this page only for the purpose of forwarding event information – it is not collected by Fathom Events.

12. (Q) I live in Canada, why I can't see one of your events?
12. (A) Currently, Fathom Events only has rights to show our events in the United States. Sometimes we are able to carry our events into Canada via a distribution partner, but this is limited and only for select events.  Our network of theaters continually expands, so please check back regularly to see if your preferred theater has been added. 

13. (Q) Why don't you offer your events on DVD?
13. (A) Most Fathom Events are only shown in movie theaters that are part of the the Fathom Events cinema broadcast network. All distribution decisions (including how the content is distributed) are determined by the owners of the content, not Fathom Events.  However, we are starting to work with our content providers to make these special events available on DVD or online after a certain amount of time has passed after the original Fathom event. If a Fathom Event is going to be made available to the public after the movie theater event date, it will be noted on the event page of this website as well as Fathom Events’ social media properties.

14. (Q) Why are Fathom events sometimes priced differently than a regular movie ticket?
14. (A) Given the exclusive nature of Fathom Events, coupled with significant production and satellite transmission costs associated with these events, Fathom Events prices its events in order to offer consumers the best value for their entertainment dollar. Prices may vary from location to location as final event prices are determined by each participating theater.

15. (Q) Where do I find available tickets for upcoming events?
15. (A) Click on links in “Upcoming Events.” Select an event and click “Buy Tickets.” The “Theater Locations” page will then display a list of participating theaters closest to you.

16. (Q) How do I buy tickets?
16. (A) Tickets are available online at FathomEvents.com via one of our online ticketing partners or at the following participating theaters' box offices:

  • Regal/Edwards/United Artists Theatres, Kerasotes Theatres, Century Theatres and  AMC Theatres – www.fandango.com
  • (Most) Marcus Theatres and National Amusements – www.movietickets.com
  • Cinemark Theatres – www.cinemark.com
  • Goodrich Quality Theaters, all are online except Springfield 8 (Springfield, MO) where tickets are available at the box office – www.gqti.com
  • Georgia Theatre Company – tickets only available at the participating theatres' box offices
  • Local Performing Arts Centers and Theatres – various providers and box offices

17. (Q) Why are there tickets available for sale at one theater and not another for the same event?
17. (A) For different theater chains, ticketing goes on sale at different times for the same event. Once ticketing is activated at the theater, Fathom Events can activate its ticketing function.

18. (Q) If I buy a ticket online, how do I get my tickets?
18. (A) After you purchase your tickets via one of our online ticketing partners, follow instructions to print out your purchase confirmation. Take this printout with you to the movie theater box office to exchange it for your tickets. If you experience problems with this process, please contact the online ticketing partner.

Tickets purchased online are non-transferable between participating theaters.

19. (Q) What if I didn't receive a confirmation for my online ticket purchase?
19. (A) All ticket purchases are handled by our ticketing partners. You must contact them directly for any ticketing issue – information is available on their websites.

20. (Q) How do I get a refund or exchange my tickets?
20. (A) Refunds and exchanges are only handled via one of our online ticketing partners or at the participating movie theater's box office. Please visit the website of the ticketing partner for which you made your purchase for their refund and exchange policies.

Fathom Events does not manage or engage in any ticketing transaction activity. Ticket refunds or exchanges can only be handled by our ticket partners or participating theaters.

21. (Q) You have upcoming events listed, but I can't figure out how to buy tickets. What's going on?
21. (A) If there is not a “Find Tickets” button, then the event is not on sale yet. Once tickets go on sale, the website will be updated.

22. (Q) Do you offer group ticket discounts?
22. (A) Currently, Fathom Events is unable to offer group ticket discounts for events. In the future, this may be possible for some events, and we will indicate so on the “Event Detail” page for those events.

23. (Q) I have a general question about Fathom Events, one of your events, ticketing, etc. How do I contact you?
23. (A) Click the “Contact Us” section at the top of the website and use this form to email your inquiry to us. Please select an “Inquiry Type” so we can best route your question. Usually, emails will be answered within 48 hours.

24. (Q) I am a member of the media and am interested in speaking with someone about a Fathom Event or series. Who can I talk to?
24. (A) In the “Contact Us” section, please select the “Media Inquiry” selection from the “Inquiry Type” drop down list and send us your contact information and message. Your inquiry will be directed to our Media Relations department, who will contact you directly.

25. (Q) I want to sign up for your Fathom Insider Newsletter and Event Alerts. Why do you need so much information from me?
25. (A) Event Alerts is the only area on our website where we collect your name, email address and associated information. By completing this page and agreeing to our “Terms of Use,” you grant Fathom Events the right to email you periodically with information about upcoming events and news, based on the email preferences you chose during the sign up process.

26. (Q) If I agree to sign up for Event Alerts, what will you do with the information I supply you?
26. (A) We collect your name, email address and zip code information as part of our Terms of Use. Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information.
Also, we collect your email preferences so that we can send you event information that corresponds to your areas of interest.

27. (Q) How do I unsubscribe from Event Alerts?
27. (A) You must unsubscribe from one of the “event alert” emails you received from Fathom Events. Simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and we will remove you from future event alerts. Note you may receive an additional event alert before we can completely remove you from the mailing list.

28. (Q) I am interested in working with Fathom Events, how do I find out more about potential business opportunities?
28. (A) Please visit our “Content Distribution” or our “Sponsorship Opportunities” sections for this information. You can also reach us via our “Contact Us” section. Please select the “Business Opportunity” selection from the “Inquiry Type” drop down list and send us your contact information and message. Your inquiry will be directed to our Business Development department and they will contact you.